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Anonymous said: Hi there! Such a big fan of yours!! I was just curious about what gave you the inspiration for You Give Me Fever? Were you already a fan of the fifties era? I've always been so curious about that story! It's phenomenal!

My darling anon, thank you so much!!!

I really can’t take credit for greaserlock AU because I’d seen the AU floating around a bit in art and I really loved the way it looked!

….I was inspired to write that story because I really wanted first time teenlock carsex at Makeout Point. It was written as pure indulgence. To this day it still astounds me  that it was as well-received as it was! I am so humbled by this fandom’s warmth and reception and I consider myself incredibly lucky!! 

Which just goes to show that you should just write the things that make you happy, because chances are you’ll make someone else happy, too. 

I have always loved the fifties aesthetic of course, but I knew exactly nothing about the era when I first started writing. I thought to myself, well, let’s just write porn. Fuck research. 

And then next thing I knew I had 4 windows open with 16 tabs each, and then my google chrome was crashing, and I basically spent an entire month this way.

 Every single detail in that story is meticulously researched: every reference made, every song used, every scientific detail is chronologically accurate to the year (1958, although never mentioned).   

So, to answer your question, kind anon - this story came about because I am a pervy fangirl who is crazy obsessive when writing ~_~

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seasonal fashion according to me

god i hate summer

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Illustrations by Christian Schloe


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i just lost a follower

i tried to warn u guys

hello cutie new followers

you are actually following a human trashbag

I ended up losing 10 followers last night but 6 porn blogs started following me so that’s something right

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i love to singa
about the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a


i love to singa

about the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a

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Anonymous said: "Do you trust Daddy?" Sherlock asks as he slowly unzips little Johns jeans. "Yes" John whispers breathily as he writhes and squirms under his Daddy's big hands. "Well you shouldn't" Sherlock says as he lowers his head onto Johns little boy cock, which of course just makes his baby boy moan and cry harder.

another ask that kept me lying awake at night for a whole week oh god oh god

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severalghostbats said: no but sherlock introducing his little boy to rimming and at first John's like 'no that's icky' but then sherlock shows him and john just. loves it so much. but he's always too embarrassed to ask him if they could do it like sherlock'll be sucking John's little cock and john will push down on his head tentatively because he doesn't want to say it and sherlock knows EXACTLY what he wants but pretends to not understand and john goes bright pink and whimpers 'l-l-lick me d-down /there/? please?'


John always thinks it’s weird and a little bit gross but it always feels so nice and it makes his skin heat up and his tummy feels a bit funny and when he asks he’s embarrassed about it but he’s also breathless and shaky at the thought 

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severalghostbats said: u may be a human trashbag but ur the very best human trashbag bc ur full of shota and teacher/student and cute lil nerd bbys getting done in the butt <3 <3 <3



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Anonymous said: Sherlock doesn't like little John eating sugar because he worries it might be bad for him, but John finally convinced him to let his baby have the occasional lollypop, just so long as he licks Daddy's lolly later.

Sherlock is so caring ♥ ♥ ♥  

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violencio said: I read the ask about vampire/shota!lock... But can you imagine vampire!Sherlock getting all frustrated and irritated and taking his flat apart because, oh, he wants little John to be always his /little/ John and he knows how quickly all that humans age and die and how fragile they are --- but at the same time simply not being able to harm that little soft creature like this, never able to force himself to just bite, no matter how close he might get to do just so?


When I think about it, it’s actually kind of sweet…Sherlock would never be able to hurt his bae ;; 3 ;;

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i just lost a follower

i tried to warn u guys

hello cutie new followers

you are actually following a human trashbag

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Anonymous said: Tiny, clumsy stuttering first year Hufflepuff!John is given a mild sedative potion by potion master!Sherlock one night. John is still conscious but cant talk or move his limbs and everything is hazy while Professor Holmes lays him back onto the bed in his private chamber. Professor Holmes gently strips him of his robes and keeps on telling John what a good boy he is as he kisses and strokes his hands all over him. John is scared and confused but feels so good at the same time

this kept me up for an entire week thinking about it bless u anon

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Anonymous said: shota!John loves Sailor Moon so for Halloween he goes as Sailor Moon and convinces Sherlock to go as Tuxedo Mask. Sherlock just can't say no to John.

starting with a cute one!!!

the idea is just adorable omfg

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